Here at Muddy 4 Paws we groom and style a wide variety of dog breeds. Every dogs has its own individual requirements from health to coat type. We take pride in meeting all our customers needs. Dogs feel better and look better after being cleaned and groomed - free of matted fur and tangled hair. Having your dog groomed is an esstienal part of your pets wellbeing, not only do they look & smell nice their health also benifits from it.

The grooming services we provide are as follows:


Bathing & Drying

This service is catered for dog breeds which dont need clipped and Styled. On arrival the dog will have a health check and to make sure it is free from fleas & ticks. Then the dog will have full a groom to remove any excess hair. Once the dog has been fully groomed it will be bathed with a shampoo most suitable for the dogs skin & coat type. 

After being bathed the dog will be dried and groomed again making sure it is fully dry. Finally we check the dogs ears and nails and clean and trim them if necessary.


Full Breed Clip 

This service is all about the breed of dog, coat condition and the owners prefence. The dog will receive a health and coat check and upon arrival where we will discuss with the owner what the groom will entail. We have a shave policy in the salon which is carried out on the individal dog if its coat is severely matted and will cause pain and stress during the grooming session. The health of our customers is our number one priority.

After the consultaion the dog will be groomed and bathed using the appropriate shampoo for the individual dog. Once fully dried the dog will be clipped as discussed with the owner. Finally the dogs ears and nails will be checked and cleaned and trimmed if necessary.


Hand Stripping

Hand Stripping is a technique in which the outer guard coat is plucked from the dogs skin. This procedure helps promote the proper coat texture and colour of the breed. It is a service we mainly carry out on Terriers. Ideally hand stripping should correspond with the dogs natural cylce based on its environment and hormonal levels. When hand stripping is required in the adult dog, it is best done at the natural shedding time - spring and autumn.

This service is carried out before bathing and takes anything from 1 1/2 hours - 3 hours depending on the dogs coat. Once the dog has been stripped and bathed we will go over the dogs coat again making sure all the dead hair is plucked out. Ears and nails will be checked and cleaned and trimmed if necessary last.


Puppy Groom

This service is catered to puppies from 10 weeks old or after they have had their boosters. A puppy should be brushed from day one, not only does it get the pup use to the procedure, early detection of problems like running eyes, bad breath, skin disorders and allergies can be reconized and treated. If you dont get your pup use to being groomed from a young age, it will be even harder when it is a full grown adult. Treats, praise and cuddles will make the dog look forward to its grooming time.

During the puppy groom session with us your puppy with be groomed, bathed in a mild shampoo, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. with certain breeds the hair in front of the pups eyes and pads will be trimmed.


Other Services

We also have a drop in service for Anal Glands to be expressed, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning. No appointment is needed for these services.


All dogs should be groomed on a regular basis, some requiring it more often then others. I would recommended your dog should be groomed between every 6 - 12 week.


To avoid disapointment it is essential you make an appointment at Muddy 4 Paws approximately one week prior to your dogs groom due to demand and regular customers who pre-book in advance.